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You can now GRAB Purple Cane's Tealicious meals whenever you're feeling hungry. A wide selection of less oil & less salt tea cuisine from Purple Cane Tea Restaurants awaits.

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Spices and tea infused marinated chicken is stewed just right for that lovely smooth-textured chicken dish. With the mixing of soy sauce and black tea, classic taste always tends to stimulate the taste of buds.

With chopped salted dried radish sprinkled on the Big Four Veggies – the long beans, okras, eggplants and petais to create a dish with balance of nutrition and great taste.

Steamed chicken with rice wine and Oolong tea in Hot Pot, the broth comprises a base of double-boiled chicken soup, bolstered with rice wine and cooked further with clams, mixing cabbage, mushrooms and bean sprouts for a soulful brew.

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