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尚味茶餚 Joyful Tea Cuisine Experience 🍲🍵


紫藤茶原承经典、创新奇, 推出的每道茶菜都将带您探索独特丰富的色香味体验, 品味以茶入菜的无穷可能。 邀您来尝!

Every meal is a delicate fine taste that sure to spark curiosity about the secrets of Tea Cuisine. Indulge in these must-try dishes and unique culinary experiences through tea! Here’s a taste.

芋头香片焖茶鸡 Simmered Chicken with Yam and Jasmine Tea in Hot Pot 鲜嫩鸡腿块同香绵芋头、南瓜,和茉莉花茶一起以砂锅焖煮 滋味温厚,营养丰足 汤汁香气销魂,配上茶饭享用是一绝! A gentle yet powerful seasonal signature dish: Chicken thighs simmered in a clay pot along with in-season yam, pumpkin, sweet pepper, and jasmine tea. Bite down through the succulent and tender meat and enjoy the aromatic, heartwarming broth with our tea rice.


柚子冰菜茶沙拉 Ice Plant Salad with Jasmine Tea...

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